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AloJimmy C

11.05.2017 > 24.05.2017

« Made in London » FR / GB
Alo, Jimmy C, Pahnl

Vernissage le jeudi 11 mai 2017 à partir de 18 heures
Exposition du jeudi 11 au mercredi 24 mai 2017

Keep Calm and Carry On Painting

« Le cabinet d'amateur has exhibited "Lille hors les murs" (March-April 2014) and "Lyon Hors les Murs" (October 2014), so the next "L" is London.  The artists in this exhibition are not newcomers, they have already had strong visibility in galleries, as well as a presence in the streets of London.  Given that London is such a cosmopolitan city, it is appropriate that the artists are originally from Italy, Australia and Oxford!  Each artist brings his own unique style to form an eclectic and original exhibition.

Le cabinet d'amateur has the rare ability to identify young and up-coming artists, and to create exhibitions which help these artists to spread their wings and achieve greater heights.  Many artists who first exhibited at the gallery have become nationally and internationally-known names. »

David Gilchrist (Collector of Street Art)

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ALO (Aristide Loria), from Italy, is a regular visitor to Paris.  His portraits with an instantly-recognizable style have a certain naive art brut characteristic which makes them accessible to everyone.  ALO describes his work as "Urban Expressionism", and he has been influenced by artists from the first half of the 20th century.  I first discovered ALO's works several years ago in the Brick Lane area of London, near where he lives.  I was immediately captivated by the style and the unique quality of his portraits.  I recently had the pleasure to attend the preview of his solo show, "Exit from Aden", at the prestigious Saatchi gallery in London.  The exhibition was influenced by Arthur Rimbaud's poetic work "A Season in Hell" (Une Saison en Enfer), and included a delightful range of personalities full of life and colour.  Many people when they first see ALO's pictures in the street assume that because of the amount of detail they are painted on paper which is then pasted on the wall.  But no, in fact ALO paints all of his works directly on the wall.  This takes him time - he has to paint the background and then when it is dry he will return to paint the subject.  ALO therefore paints at night, because he does not ask permission to paint on his chosen walls.  One original aspect of his work is that he sometimes replaces an object with the word that describes it, such as a ribbon, a tear or a flower.  This occasional and subtle use of words opens one's imagination to what the object might have looked like, and I feel that it tells a story about the subject. 



Jimmy C

Jimmy C (James Cochran), from Australia, is also no stranger to Parisian street art fans.  Based in London, he has already exhibited his works in Paris, and he has painted frescoes in Paris and Vitry-sur-Seine, and has published a book in the well-known Opus Délits series.  Jimmy's style captures the spirit of Van Gogh, and the pointillists like Seurat and Sisley.  He creates a dream world with portraits surrounded by spheres and moons, creating an image of calmness, peace and spirituality.  Jimmy became well-known for his iconic fresco of David Bowie in Brixton, near Bowie's house, which turned into a memorial for Bowie after his death.  On a recent trip to London I visited  the Bowie wall, and it is now protected with a sheet of perspex, and people are still leaving flowers, messages and tributes by the wall.  Jimmy C speaks excellent French, and indeed he is about the only Anglophone with whom I regularly speak in French.  He is a charming and humble person, but his artworks manage to touch the hearts and minds of people throughout the world.




Pahnl, from Oxford, is a new discovery for me.  His cartoon-like silhouettes of people and animals - reminiscent of Keith Haring - interact with the surrounding environment to create amusing messages.  Pahnl's images are small (10 cm high) and discreet, not always easy to spot in the street, which adds to their charm and the pleasure of discovering them on the walls.  Pahnl uses stickers and stencils for his work, along with posters, photography and film.  He started make stencils in 2013, and his works have appeared in all corners of the world.  The artist's name is pronounced like the English word "panel", representing a panel in a strip cartoon.






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